About Us

Welcome to our on-line store!


Are you looking for a highest quality furniture and home decor? Here at Deconti we supply and sell best quality furniture for your beautiful house at an affordable price!


Have you spent hours and hours online browsing through different stores and platforms trying to find that perfect piece of furniture? Have you looked at hundreds if not thousands of different items and photos, and… nothing? Well, we really hope that you’ve found it right here, right now… Please take a look at our shop for various brands’ sturdy and reliable wardrobes, chest of drawers, or that bed or a bedside table for your cosy bedroom! We promise you will not be disappointed; otherwise you are more than welcome to return it for a full refund! And please remember that all our items are shipped FREE, to make things easier for you!


All items that we have for sale are sourced in the UK, shipped and delivered by most reliable furniture suppliers that you can trust.


And last, but not least – a little bit About Us (that is what this page is meant to be on, anyway…)


We are a family run business that believes in a real customer satisfaction - that is all we are. We may be small, but that means that we can put more focus on our customers - that is YOU. We can provide shorter lead times as we take relatively small orders, so we can prove ourselves in a new market that we happen to be in… It hasn’t been that long since we have established our online store, however it’s been forever since we’ve been online, and we have one day decided that it is best to have our own little place under the “Sun of World Wide Web” and open a simple little page, where we can sell and provide best quality items and service for our very valued customers…


Please write to us here with anything and everything, we will be more than happy to speak to you over the phone or email, whatever you prefer!



And a quick little note to suppliers:

If you quite like our store and would like us to sell your products, please let us know, we seek and are most keen to sell your items on our online shop, therefore look forward to hearing from you too!

All the best and thanks for visiting again!



Warmest Regards,